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Q.) What are 2nd Chance Promotional drawings?
A.) Registered users can enter their eligible non-winning scratch-off tickets into 2nd Chance Promotional drawings for a chance to win the last top prize in that game.

Q.) How do 2nd Chance Promotional drawings work?
A.) After successfully registering and logging in, you can view the scratch-off games eligible for the 2nd Chance Promotional drawings. To enter a drawing, enter the codes of your non-winning scratch-off ticket identified on the entry page. Samples of the required ticket information will appear on the "Enter Tickets" screen. Promotional drawings are held as determined by the Lottery.

Q.) Can I mail in my scratch-off tickets to the Lottery and have them enter me for the 2nd Chance drawings?
A.) No. All 2nd Chance Promotional entries must be submitted through the 2nd Chance Promotional drawing web site portal by the player. The Lottery cannot enter on a player's behalf.

Q.) Can I purchase Lottery products online?
A.) Scratch-off tickets and other Mississippi Lottery products cannot be purchased online. All purchases for lottery products must take place at an authorized Lottery retailer. You can find your nearest Mississippi Lottery Retailer using the "STORE LOCATOR" on the Mississippi Lottery website.

Q.) Why is the Mississippi Lottery offering 2nd Chance Scratch-off Promotional drawings?
A.) The Lottery is continuously looking for ways to engage with its players and promote Lottery products. 2nd Chance Promotional drawings Provide the Lottery with an opportunity to engage further with its players and offer them a free chance to win a promotional prize.

Q.) What should I do if I encounter a problem on the 2nd Chance Promotional drawing web site?
A.) Please go to the "FEEDBACK" page to let us know what problem you are experiencing. We will assist you via return email. The more details you can provide about your problem, the better opportunity we will have to quickly resolve the problem.

Q.) When I try to submit entries, I get transferred back to the LOGIN page. Why is this happening?
A.) For assistance, use the "FEEDBACK" page to let us know what problem you are experiencing and any error messages you are seeing on your device. We will be happy to provide technical assistance to the degree we are able.

Q.) I tried to submit an entry and got a message that the ticket has already been entered. How can that be if I have the ticket in my hand, and what should I do?
A.) All tickets will be automatically verified upon entry to confirm they are valid ticket entries. As to what to do: First, check your previously submitted entries. The "MY ENTRIES" link can be located in the main menu at the top of the page. Check this list to make sure the ticket has not already been entered by you. If it is not on your list of entries, use the "FEEDBACK" page email to notify us as soon as possible. Please include any ticket number for which you received the "already been entered" message.

Q.) I made a typing mistake when I submitted my entry. How do I check for and correct entry errors?
A.) All entries you submit will be automatically verified upon entry. If you make a mistake while typing and enter an invalid entry, you will receive a message stating "The entry you submitted is not recognized as a qualified entry. Please check the numbers and try again." Also, check the "MY ENTRIES" page. Please verify the ticket already has not been entered by you.

Q.) Why are my age and identity verified for this web site?
A.) The Lottery is required by law to confirm all players are age 21 or older. By law, the lottery cannot pay a prize to a person under 21 years of age.

Q.) I have changed my email address. Can I change it in my registration information?
A.) Yes. LOGIN to Mississippi Lottery's 2nd Chance Promotional drawing web site with your email address and password. You will be taken to the 2nd Chance Promotional drawing ENTRY page. Click the "MY PROFILE" tab located in the menu at the top of the page to update your email address. Please be sure to keep your contact information updated.

Q.) Can I enter a 2nd Chance Promotional drawing more than once?
A.) YES! Each entry requires the use of a separate qualified ticket.

Q.) Are entries submitted eligible for additional drawings?
A.) Entries apply only to the specific drawing for each game.

Q.) What happens if I submit my entry after the deadline for the drawing?
A.) Any entries submitted after the final drawing deadlines are ineligible for the drawing.

Q.) I have tickets that I can't remember whether I have entered in the drawing. How can I see what tickets I have entered?
A.) Each time you submit an entry, a record of your entry appears on the page titled "MY ENTRIES." All your entries appear on that list for your information and reference, so you can check the list against the tickets you are holding.

Q.) How can I be sure my entry has been submitted?
A.) Each time you submit an entry, it is recorded in the "MY ENTRIES" page. If the entry is recorded there, you can be assured it is registered in the system.

Q.) Can I throw away the tickets after I have entered them into a drawing?
A.) Yes.

Q.) I live out of state. Am I eligible to enter the 2nd Chance Promotional drawings?
A.) YES! All tickets containing the 2nd Chance drawing Symbol purchased from an authorized Mississippi Lottery Retailer qualify for 2nd Chance Promotional drawings.

Q.) How do I find out if I have been selected as a winner?
A.) The Lottery will notify the winner of a 2nd Chance Promotional drawing by Certified Mail through the U.S. Postal Service. Please keep your account contact information updated.

Q.) How long do I have to claim my prize?
A.) A winner of a 2nd Chance Promotional drawing has 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the certified letter in which to claim the prize, unless otherwise specified in the special Terms and Conditions for a particular 2nd Chance Promotional drawing.

Q.) What happens if the winning prize is not claimed within the time limit?
A.) If the Lottery determines a winner and any alternate winners of a 2nd Chance Promotional drawing are ineligible or fail to claim the prize within the time limits set by the Lottery, or if the entry and any alternate winning entries selected for that drawing are invalid, then the 2nd Chance Promotional prize is forfeited and becomes an unclaimed prize. By law, all unclaimed prize money shall be added to the pool from which future prizes are to be awarded or used for special prize promotions, at the sole discretion of the Mississippi Lottery Corporation President.

Q.) Where is the WINNERS LIST from the last drawing?
A.) Once a drawing winner is selected, the city where the ticket was purchased and the winner's name (provided the winner grants written permission to reveal his/her name) will be posted in the drawings Info tab located in the menu at the top of the page.

Q.) How are the 2nd Chance Promotional winners selected?
A.) Winners are randomly selected by computer generated results from all eligible entries received for each drawing.

Q.) If I am selected as a winner, how will I be contacted?
A.) You will be contacted via certified letter through the U.S. Postal Service. The certified letter will include all instructions on how to claim your prize.

Q.) What are my chances of winning a prize in a 2nd Chance Promotional drawing?
A.) Your odds of winning will vary, based on the total number of entries received and the total number of entries you have submitted for each game's promotional drawing.

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